Gold Bowl

At OK Farmhouse you can find rustic gold bowl for sale! When shopping with us you bring Farmhouse living into your home.

Decorating With a Gold Bowl

gold bowl

With elegant centerpiece bowls, you can create a stunning tablescape. The perfect addition for the dining room, living room, and beyond, decorative bowls come in circular or abstract shapes. Use one as an accent on dining tables, mantles, bookshelves, entryway consoles and more. With decorative centerpiece bowls, you can gather whatever you need, whether it is food or personal items. Place your keys and wallet in a decorative bowl or basket filled with apples and bananas. Add stones, shells, mementos, or flowers to a coffee table bowl, or allow the piece to stand out on its own. Decorative bowls for the coffee table are also a great place to serve candy, nuts and other snacks to your guests. Looking for some holiday inspiration? Add pinecones, potpourri, stems and branches, neutral-toned ball ornaments and other decorative accents to make the transition from winter to Christmas seamless and fashionable. Decorative glass bowls provide maximum visibility for whatever you want to place in your centerpiece. Adding glass bowl centerpieces also creates a cohesive look to the table when dining with glassware. Wooden styles, meanwhile, bring a sense of warmth to the room. Consider other pieces that enhance their appearance and complete their look, whether you choose a glass centerpiece, a wooden item or beyond. Discover ideas for candle centerpieces that will add a cozy feel to your home.

Gold Trays and Platters Elevate Your Tabletop

Are you looking for another multifunctional centerpiece idea? With decorative trays and serving platters, create a convenient serving station or an organized table centerpiece. You can find wooden trays painted in colorful, party-ready hues for both large and small gatherings. Wooden decorative trays add a splash of color to any indoor or outdoor party. For a fun look, serve springy drinks and colorful fruit and vegetable appetizers. Aluminum tabletop trays in large sizes are perfect for outdoor barbecues, buffet-style events, and luaus. Large serving trays are also useful for cleanup. Taking cups and dishes straight to the kitchen sink is as simple as loading the surface with them. In the fall and winter, mix-material plates, such as unfinished mango wood and rustic iron, can make a living room or dining room feel cozy and woodsy. As an example, dark-stained wood trays with polished brass accents look fantastic in a study or home office, and they also complement similar living room and dining room furniture. Serve trays with a rectangular shape are easy to carry, and designs with a folded edge make a stylish pairing with ottomans. Decorative serving trays serve as a great accent to the furniture, even when not holding food. These woven rattan trays are a casual, open storage option for both small living room decor and easily misplaced items such as remotes and magazines. On the other hand, metal trays in the living room add an urban feel with an industrial edge. Consider a stainless steel tray in sleek silver, reminiscent of old-school cocktail service, and place it on a bar cart, accent table, or ottoman for an old-school feel. Those with cutout handles or outright handles make carrying and serving easier.

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