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At OK Farmhouse you can find rustic bar stools with backs. When shopping with us you bring Farmhouse living into your home!

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Bar stools have become a kitchen essential as breakfast bars and dining counters have become more popular than ever. There are a few things you should consider before you purchase a set, such as whether you want to swivel, stay stationary, or just sit comfortably? Our guide breaks down all your options, from height to style to bonus features so you can choose the right seat for your home.

bar stools with backsNothing is worse than a bar stool that’s too tall or too short — it’s not only uncomfortable, but it also looks disproportionate. How to choose between the two most common bar stool heights is discussed here.

Pro Tip!

Make sure the table, island, or bar you currently have is the right size. Then select bar stools that allow a gap of 9″ to 12″ between the bottom of the table or countertop and the top of the bar stool.

Counter Stools

As counter stools are 24″ – 26″ high, they go well with surfaces that are 36″ off the ground. This is the standard height of kitchen counters and islands, so this type of stool is ideal for dining areas.

Classic Bar Stools

Bar stools with a height of 30” are the best for a wet bar at home since standard bars are 42” high. (And that’s actually the same size bar stool you’d see in restaurants and bars.)

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